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A team of 50+ IT professionals develop and maintain solutions to facilitate workflows in for physician practices.


Actionable management reporting and financial transparency at your fingertips
Business Intelligence, Quality Metrics Reporting and Analytics
Automated billing, payments and denial management
Practice Management System includes Scheduling and Patient Portal
IPA Solutions, Credentialing and Contracting


Many organizations are relying on manual processes that often break down every time there are changes in staff which results in errors, downtime and lost revenue. Technology has been a backbone of Vistec from inception. With a of approximately 50 people dedicated to IT infrastructure, software architecture and development, Vistec can extend IT services to its customers. This service line ranges from helpdesk support to development of software for workflow, automation, metrics monitoring and management dashboards.

RCMSolution – RCM workflow automation and business intelligence tools

  • Intelligent billing rules engine
  • Contract management
  • AR Project Module
  • Trending and Analytical Reporting

Originally designed out of the need for a denial management system, RCMS is now a practice management system with everything from scheduling and medical records management to project tracking, contract findbridecomments.net/ management and denial analysis reporting with claims scrubbing, fax and clearinghouse integration for automated eligibility, claims submissions and appeals. The standard and custom reporting capabilities are limitless. With several hundred physicians using RCMSolution enhancements are made on a monthly basis to continue to expand functionality and provide an agile system that is easy to use.

MDInsuranceAuth – Eligibility and Authorization Portal

  • Web-based, easy to use portal
  • Central hub for all requests
  • 24 hour turn around time for most requests
  • Approvals sent back via secure email

Obtaining authorizations is a time consuming task that requires understanding of requirements from plan to plan. Even if your using websites, users have to tracking login credentials to many different websites and then keep track of all the requests that have been submitted. MDIA provides a single portal for all requests to be submitted and tracked and stored for future reference.

MDeReferral – electronic referral system

  • Compliant referrals
  • Reporting interface
  • Keeps PCP updated
  • Reduces leakage

MDeReferral is an electronic way for referrals to be sent from primary care physicians to specialists. PCPs benefit from tracking the scheduling and completion of specialists appointments. Specialists capture referrals from the time that they are created for proactive scheduling with the patient.

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